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šŸ‘‹ Hello!

My name is Will and I make things for money and fun. Iā€™m a product developer, designer, speaker, mentor, and goofball. I adore turning exciting ideas into beautiful products.

My Job

I work on Stencil

A Web Component compiler

Stencil is your swiss army knife for building reusable, scalable component libraries, apps, and -- my personal favorite -- design systems. I help improve the compiler, the features it offers, squash bugs, and figure out integrations.

My Blog

Latest Post

I share my thoughts about stuff I enjoy on my blog.

More posts can be found in the archive.

My Design System


A Home Grown Design System

Midwest, originally called Stellar, is a pet project of mine. The goal of Midwest is to produce an easy to use running list of the most interesting, performant, and accessible web components available. This site is built with Midwest!